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Independent Celebrant

Kent, England

About Married You

Married You was founded by our lead celebrant Laurina Moody. We took some time to ask her some questions about her motivation to become an independent celebrant.


What is a celebrant?

A celebrant is formally trained and insured to perform ceremonies such as weddings, renewal of vows & relationship commitment. Celebrants have the skills and experience to help couples create ceremonies that reflect their personalities and love for each other.

Why & how did you become a celebrant?

I come from a large family where celebrations formed an important part of our lives. After 31 years as a nurse I decided that I needed a change. I was trained to become a celebrant by Kent County Council in 2018 and continued working with them for 4 years conducting a wide variety of ceremonies.

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

One of the things I enjoy most about my job, as cheesy as it sounds, is being part of a unique love story. I love hearing about how they met, how their love grew, and of course the all important proposal. I take all this information to design unique ceremonies for each couple. There are no set rules or scripts that I need to follow.

Where can I have a celebrant led wedding?

This is the best thing about a celebrant led wedding.  You can have it anywhere you choose.  Indoors, outdoors, or even in the sky. It doesn’t have to be a local authority licensed venue and the only limitation is your imagination.

Is a celebrant led ceremony legal?

Not at the moment (currently under review), although in Scotland and Northern Ireland it is. In England and Wales you are required to have a civil marriage at a registry office with at least 2 witnesses. You can choose not to exchange rings and vows as these are ceremonial and not a legal requirement. Why not save this for the main event with me.

When should I have my legal wedding?

The choice is yours. Most couples prefer to do the legal bit first so you can build up to the main event. The celebrant led ceremony will then finalise your wedding.

What happens on the day?

I will arrive at an agreed time before the start of the ceremony. I will meet with you both separately to discuss the plans and make sure you are happy. We can make last minute changes if necessary. As the day progresses, I will guide you both through the ceremony so you won’t need to remember all the details. If you desire, I will present you with a commemorative certificate of marriage and help stage a few photographs. At this point I will leave as you progress on to the next stage of your day.

Can we write our own vows?

Oh yes! This will make your ceremony much more personal and it is very much encouraged.  Your celebrant will support and guide you with this. 

How do we book?

Please reach out to me by phone or email. I will discuss my availability and will answer any questions you have.

How much does it cost?

I wanted to keep our pricing simple and fair to avoid any additional stress in the planning of your special day.

£450 – Monday to Friday

£550 – Saturday, Sunday & Bank Holidays

What is included in the price?
  • Virtual and face to face meetings
  • Rehearsal if required*
  • Phone calls
  • Travel to meetings and wedding venue
  • Script preparation and writing
  • Celebratory certificate
  • Marriage ceremony

*Additional fees may be incurred to cover travel costs.

Wedding ceremony by Laurina

Handfasting ceremony

Handfasting Ceremony

The handfasting ceremony can be traced back to ancient times, where by couples were joined together with rope or cord. Couples who hand fasted would typically stay hand-bound for a year and a day until they were free to come or go as they pleased.

Many traditions will still conduct handfasting’s today in the same fashion that the ancients did, using a cord which bound them together.

Couples seek to take part in the handfasting ritual for many reasons. The handfasting symbolizes trust, loyalty and the joining together of the couple.

There is no set script or binding rules on how handfasting’s should be conducted, but there are guidelines within the rituals which should be adhered to.

Candle Ceremony

Candlelight Ceremony

The candlelight ceremony, candle lighting or unity candle, is when the couple use individual candles to be lit for different purposes: one candle represents each of their lives before they were married and together; the third candle represents the life they will live after marriage and until death do them part.

A candle ceremony is a wonderful way of marking the start of your married life together. The two of you will be surrounded by all your family and friends, who are important in making sure this moment will be unforgettable for you both.

Unity Sand Ceremony

Unity Sand Ceremony

The Unity Sand Ceremony consists of the couple pouring unity sand (usually dyed) together into a unity container. The unity sand symbolizes the joining of both lives in marriage. It also serves to remind couples of their life’s journey, and how they will work towards building a lasting future together.

A Unity Sand Ceremony can be really enjoyable for guests because it breaks up the pace of the event. It’s often a light-hearted moment to snap some photos for memories.

Many couples like using unity sand because it is an inexpensive way to add something unique and memorable into their ceremony. It also provides them with a container that they can use in their home or garden.

Religious Ceremony

Religious Ceremony

A religious wedding ceremony can be a beautiful and moving experience for everyone involved. The marriage ceremony in religious communities varies greatly based on the religious institution, region and community in which one was raised.

However, there are many elements that can remain constant throughout religious ceremonies across cultures. Such commonalities include readings from religious texts, hymns and religious vows.


Frances & Paul

“From the moment we met Laurina we knew she was the perfect celebrant for our wedding. Her warm, supportive and vibrant nature shone through, from the initial conversations to the days leading up to and on the day itself.

Her attention to detail filled us with confidence and, with her lovely, supportive and positive style, we really felt she was with us throughout our journey.

Laurina made the day so special, creating exactly the kind of environment we had envisioned – calm, relaxed, intimate and joyous. She helped us to really think about the things that would make our service and day just right for us.

From the wonderful comments we had from our guests, we know she worked her magic on all of us. Thank you Laurina – we can’t recommend you highly enough.”

Wedding ceremony by Laurina

Mia & Dwight

“Laurina Moody was an amazing registrar and made us feel comfortable throughout our ceremony.

She greeted us with a big smile and helped us through the process by encouraging us to really enjoy and acknowledging our moment.

This made the ceremony extra special for us as we got married just after lockdown and there were still many restrictions so many of our family members were not able to come.

Despite this, she made the occasion feel warm and special with her service. We can’t thank Laurina enough for what she did for us on the day despite the circumstance.

We would very much recommend Laurina to anyone else who wants to be assured of a smooth and special ceremony.”

Lauren & James

“Laurina was an absolute superstar! She was so polite, helpful and supportive and answered any questions or queries we had!

We couldn’t have got through the day without her support, guidance and professionalism.

Providing the rose petals definitely was an extra special touch.

The service was beautiful, we would highly recommend!”